Invoice Charges

There is also an integrated recognition system on the PaybyPlateMa payment site. The license plate will be reliably retrieved in other ways if the tracker can’t read your car’s plate.

It charges $0.60 per PaybyPlateMa billing. It only means that you must pay $0.06 times $10.6 every time you use PaybyPlate Ma to send 10 bills. But if your car’s VIN doesn’t show up on the E-ZPass and another genuine toll account, your car’s information will be found another way, like by looking for vehicle information.

After logging in, it’s easy for users to use the PaybyPlateMa payment method. Users must register and give information about their vehicles to ensure that all services are offered.

How to view your Pay By Plate MA invoice(s)?

Here’s how to see your Ma pay-by-plate invoice:

  • Open the new pay-by-plate Ma official website.
  • Now, hoose the type of login and follows by the invoice number.
  • After that, enter the license plate number and then choose the state, as in our case it is MA.
  • After entering all the details, click on the login button to view your invoice.

PaybyPlateMa Invoice Charges

The following are the monthly billing rates for the registration portal:

  • Free online
  • Transferable: $ 0.60
  • Duplicate Mail or Fax / Special Order: $ 0.60

Use a label from a registered account to pay the Bill every month:

  • Free online
  • Sent – $ 0.60
  • Duplicate / Special Request by Mail or Fax: $ 2.00
  • Return of unpaid check: $ 25.00

Notes: These billing fees can be changed at any time if the company consents.